WELCOME TO KAHRS LAW FIRM, P.S. We are a growing law firm in Seattle, Washington. The firm's office is located in historic downtown Ballard, offering free parking and a relaxed professional atmosphere. The firm strives to provide quality legal services at a competitive and reasonable rate for our clients. Kahrs Law Firm, P.S. provide services in a wide range of areas including administrative, civil rights, public records, and prison law. The legal system is one way of challenging overreaching governmental action. Whether challenging criminal convictions, governmental actions or obtaining governmental records to monitor the actions of our governments, Kahrs Law Firm will take on these challenges, and others. Please contact us today to see if we can help you. MISSION STATEMENT Our goal is to provide quality representation for those clients in need of our specialized services. Our representation is based on the client’s needs, not ours. We will not waste our client’s time or money. We will never make assurances for results that we cannot guarantee and will inform our potential clients when we believe a case has no merit and should not be pursued. The client's needs are the focus of our law firm.
“injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Letter from Birmingham Jail Martin Luther King, Jr. April 16, 1963
contact us 2208 NW Market St., Suite 414 Seattle, WA 98107 Phone: 206.264.0643 Fax: 206.237.8555
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